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I have been using the “Splendor” trio from Ninany Cosmetics (day cream, eye&lip contour and serum) for over 4 months now and they are way better than anything I have used before. My skin is dry and very sensitive, and needs round-the-clock but gentle hydration that is also gentle and free of harmful chemicals, so I use the serum mornings and evenings. It is transparent and odor-free. When used alone, it leaves my skin somewhat tight, but after I apply the creams, my skin is well hydrated and luminous. The creams are light and absorb quickly and feel extremely comfortable. The eye&lip contour is odorless like the serum, while the day cream has a delicate and pleasant smell. Mind you, it is not overpowering or artificially perfumed as if to cover up some chemical ingredient, just a whiff of flowers. Also, the eye&lip contour is in a 30 ml airless bottle, which is double the usual bottle size for eye creams, really great value for money. In fact, the whole series is fairly priced for the excellent quality and the guaranteed all-natural ingredients. Overall, I am really happy with the Ninany products and am looking forward to trying out the night cream.